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Commercial Chiller Installation & Repair

As a result of the process, the chilled water transfers its thermal energy to the refrigerant. Process chillers are used in several industries and applications where heat must be removed from fluid utilized for cooling products or equipment. Increasing levels of sophistication and capital investment by industrial companies show that utilizing the highest precision equipment with zero downtime are an absolute must for an economically viable process. Blackhawk’s recommended cooling solutions, developed specifically for growing businesses, perfectly answer your need for precise temperature control and absolute reliability, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

With high production level capacities and premium performance, this series provides standard cooling capacities over 100,000 BTU/hr and is highly customizable. The Koolant Koolers standard S Series product line from Glen Dimplex is ideal for solvent recovery and many other extraction applications. Designed for robust high-production operation and 24/7 operation, these units are rated to operate in harsh environments where ambient conditions range from -20 to 100°F. These S Series units feature built in sub-cooling and oversized condensers to ensure reliable operations, regardless of environment. DXS specializes exclusively in the design, installation and service of variable refrigerant flow air conditioning and heating systems.

Food Industry Chiller Service

Whether used to cool and maintain specific processes or your entire commercial structure, chiller systems play a vital role in the operation of your Chicago business. Should your chiller systems become ineffective or inefficient, you need solutions that are both timely and precise, which requires the attention of knowledgeable chiller service specialists. At RMC Mechanical, we’re glad to offer a wide range of chiller services to Chicago businesses, from repair and maintenance to complete system design and installation. Industrial chillers are different from chillers used for commercial purposes and in HVAC. Industrial chillers have their own independent water and refrigeration circuits, whereas HVAC chillers are not equipped with reservoirs, pumping systems, and controls. The HEB is a thermoelectric circulating bath comprised of a controller and liquid tank.

The chillers pictured can be purchased with the lower cabinet painted or stainless steel for no extra charge; one of the many ways we change to better accommodate your needs. BV Thermal Systems, a Division of Budzar Industries, is an established manufacture and a leader in supplying chillers to various companies and industries worldwide. We pride ourselves on our ability to custom design, engineer and manufacture a chiller to meet your exact requirements and when it arrives at your facility, it will be factory tested. We take the time to understand your needs and we strive to exceed your expectations. automatically switch to city water upon a power outage or chiller fault.

LG Electronics is focused on developing new innovations across Air Solutions. We are committed to providing commercial electronic products that help businesses perform better. We offer a wide range of products, including information displays, digital signage for advertising, commercial system air conditioners, VRF systems & tailored solutions for different vertical markets. Lasers are fast becoming a more common element of production, and one that produces a lot of heat. To keep the lasers and products they cut cool chillers are integrated into these systems. A common step of many types of beverage production is cooking, mixing, and pasteurizing.

If you’re looking for a light cooling solution, the Frost is the industrial chiller for your operation. Most HVAC chillers have independent refrigeration circuits, but not independent water circuits. If the evaporator fails on an HVAC chiller, the entire chiller is down causing the entire process to shut down.