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To satisfied the customer, the company also provides a new device replacement or a full-refund. Additionally, the massage gun is built-in a 2000 mAh battery where is can last up to 6 hours of maximum usage plus there is also a LCD indicator on the button of the device. It is weight only 2.2 lbs so you hand would not be tired while using it and the motor is not going to heat up after a long used.

The percussion massage gun has 20 different speed settings, so you can optimize your recovery session. The speed and massage head replacement options are limited compared to other massagers out there, but the price can’t be beat. If you don’t need that many options on the massage gun, this is the one for you. While this power can reach up to 60 decibels in the highest setting, it’s quite an easy tradeoff for those who are looking for power. The massage gun can last up to 6 hours, thanks to its 2,600 mAh lithium-ion battery. Moreover, DJROLL percussion massage gun has a 2,400 mAh lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 5 hours of use.

Releasing those trigger points and tension requires a lot of deep muscle therapy and therefore can leave your muscles quite tender. The blood in your body is already flowing and the muscles are on fire, you don’t need to heat them up any more! No need to wield a heavy-duty piece of machinery when your muscles are already fatigued. Medcursor’s 2.5-pound massage gun fits in the palm of your hand, making it easy to hold and use without strain.

According to Nick Rizzo, a competitive powerlifter and training director at, it’s the best gun period. “I don’t know how you can justify the price tag of the higher-end models when you have such a powerful and economical option from Vybe.” Just point the gun at your fleshy target – around an inch away from your skin over whichever muscle you’re trying to loosen or warm up – and hit the trigger for instant relief. Move slowly up and down the length of the muscle for around 30 seconds – if you find a particularly sore spot (or ‘trigger point’), spend a little more time on it.

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It has fewer options than other guns and performs for less time but that comes down to its sheer ‘ferocity’, thanks to the 2,500 strokes per minute. The G3 Pro is Theragun’s most powerful muscle gun as well as, surprisingly, its quietest too. With 2 ‘scientifically calibrated’ speeds – 40 and 29 percussions per second – the gun delivers up to 60lbs of force. Most massage guns are cordless and run on rechargeable lithium or lithium-ion batteries. It’s important to consider the battery life because you want it to last through an entire treatment. Look for a model that runs for at least 30 minutes per charge, so you have enough time to treat all of the areas you want to target.

If you prefer intense deep tissue massage, then this might not be the best massage gun for you. However, our testers had a lot of positive feedback after trying out this massager. One liked the weighted design because it enabled him to dig into muscle groups and sore points easier than with other guns. However, SPY editor Taylor Galla thought the plastic heads felt more superficial and less like a deep-tissue massage. The gun also doesn’t come with different heads and only has one option, which limits its scope of massage in some aspects.

The last thing you want to do is exacerbate the soreness or cause more injury. You simply want to use it enough to flush the lactic acid from the muscles. You just might learn a few simple techniques to help maximize your massage session and post workout recovery. So the gun itself isslightlymore comfortable than the price withthis one. However, it does come with the added bonus of being automated via an app. All you need to do is pair your Hyperice massage gun, choose a routine, and let the HyperSmart technology do the thinking.

It has six different attachment heads and each of them can give a specific type of massage and depth to different areas. I was able to precisely target different muscle groups and this allowed me to maximise the use of the device. When it comes to the quality of the massage, this mini massage gun has a depth of 50-mm to give you that deep muscle penetration.

Once you finish your fitness session, use the massage gun more intensely, spending up to two minutes on each muscle group. “It’s called a massage gun, but it’s not a massage as you might get from a professional,” she says. We asked Vic Paterson, a soft tissue therapist and co-founder of State 11 Soft Tissue Therapy, to explain how they work in simple terms. I discovered that I also felt this itchy sensation when I performed it on myself using the massage gun LifePro sent me, whether I was massaging bare skin or on top of clothes. I was so perplexed by this that I reached out to experts to find out why this was happening. The gun is lightweight, and its size is specially decided so that it fits perfectly in your hand.

For example, their “bullet head” attachment is perfect for releasing muscle knots, while the “shovel head” is ideal for back muscles and tissue surrounding your spinal column. The best thing about this deep tissue massage gun is that it can accelerate the recovery process and also improve blood circulation. Due to this very reason, it is one of the best options when it comes to getting relief from various ailments. With the help of a high-torque motor, you can be sure that the durability is on the higher side. The great thing about massage guns is that they can really be used by anyone. Due to their versatility, they allow you to target any muscle on your body and can be used in many different ways.

From the brand that is to many the gold standard of massage guns, this is certainly a very well-designed product. A long handle makes this deep tissue massager easy to use even if you have poor joint mobility. Not the most powerful massage gun out there, and it shouldn’t be expected to keep working for years to come. To make a massage gun more effective, don’t overdo it and keep it oscillating in the same muscle area.